Where To Find Us

Here's a list of where we currently can be see or heard.

As We Grow, A Greater Chance of Exposure Awaits Us

Our Website

We are currently being watched in over 130 countries, and growing! This is where it all started. God woke the owner up one morning at 5 am, and said with a strong sturdy voice, "Get to your computer!" Without hesitation, the owner opened his office, sat at his computer, and God started downloading ideas that are implemented in this website. Literally six (6) hours later, the network was birthed. Your here, but for reference sake: https://faithunveilednetwork.com, here is our website address.

Our Mobile App (Currently Unavailable)

The vision from God was to spread this network through the internet. God spoke to the owner of the network and said He was going to push a huge wave of His spirit through the internet and be prepared. We believe this is where future television will be going. We're already seeing companies such as Netflix and Hulu explode in growth, and all major TV channels are pushing their viewers to their websites for complete episodes. In saying this, you can't have a network without having a mobile device app. From your smart phone, or your tablet, go to your app store and search "Faith Unveiled Network," and download our FREE app. Within our app, the viewer can choose to watch each show, or listen to each show. We pull the audio from each video and convert it into a podcast. For more details regarding our mobile app, go to our mobile app page.

ROKU Internet TV

After reading that ROKU just sold their 10 millionth unit, it made sense to join their team. Internet devices such as ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and other are growing, along with Smart TVs. You can get a ROKU device for about $30 and download as much TV watching as you can handle. When downloading, don't forget to search for the "Faith Unveiled Network" and download it into your device. Now you can watch our great Broadcasters on any TV, with this device, 24/7.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Internet devices such as these continue to spread through homes around the world, along with Smart TVs. You can get a Fire Stick device for about $40 and download as much TV watching as you can handle. When downloading, don't forget to search for the "Faith Unveiled Network" and download it into your device. Now you can watch our great Broadcasters on any TV, with this device, 24/7. You can also pair Fire TV and Echo devices, allowing you to control your Fire TV with Alexa. Just ask Alexa to play and search for Faith Unveiled Network, launch apps, and control playback from over 200 apps and channels on your Fire TV.


You can listen to all our shows, from the conception of the network, to today's date, on iTunes. Every minute of each show, from beginning to end, you can be inspired as you listen with your podcast device. Whether it's your desktop, mobile phone, iPod, or other device, you can listen to our channel 24/7, at your convenience. Access our iTunes channel by going to iTunes.

Local TV Channel

Faith Unveiled TV

The network was blessed with a wonderful TV company, KVVB TV, to partnered with, to create a local Faith-Based TV Channel: Faith Unveiled TV. The station is located in Victorville, CA, and reaches the surrounding areas, such as Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville and surrounding cities; currently reaching over 142,000 homes. This project has increased the viewing of our network into the 1000's. If you're in the area, just remote your TV over to channel 33.5 to watch Faith Unveiled TV. You can watch all our shows, plus good hearted movies, and other shows. As the network grows with Broadcasters, the TV channel will grow with new shows as well. Thank you for supporting our network, and being blessed, and uplifted by the content each show brings.

Social Media

Facebook Twitter Vimeo Instagram iTunes YouTube

We are swarming the internet with our social media platforms. We currently have our videos on the 2 world's largest video websites, YouTube and Vimeo. We do this because the Network is about promoting the Broadcaster's ministry, gifts and talents as far out into the world as we can. Not only do we promote your TV shows, we place them on these networks so our Broadcasters, and you, can share your favorite shows. We also have pages with Facebook, (both Faith Unveiled Network and Faith Unveiled TV), Instagram, and Twitter. And as time grows, so will we. Please be sure to "Follow" and "Subscribe" to each of them.

Other Mobile Apps

As we continue to grow and our popularity becomes stronger, we are being picked up by other platforms. Currently, we just partnered with Castbox, a podcast app that has over 10,000,000 viewers! You can also listen to us on MixCloud Mobile App out of London (which has over 3,000,000 Subscibers), Player FM Mobile App, Breaker Mobile App, MyTuner Mobile app, PodChaser, and others, including a mobile app in the Czech Republic. We can also be seen on websites such as GodTube, My Video News (Search Faith Unveiled Network), and others. We also just partnered with Castbox.fm - a podcast mobile app. Castbox was a good choice with having over 15,000,000 users. You can download their app here, and find Faith Unveiled Network.