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Envita Medical Center

People from around the world come to Envita Medical Center, a cancer treatment center. Dr. Dino Prato. The center specializes in Unipathic Medicine. The modalities of treatment gives a patience a leading edge in their war against cancer.
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Kidney Disease

Did you know that 1 out of 9 adults have kidney disease? The founders of 1 In 9 explain how diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure. Walk this journey as Roslyn Williams introduces this dynamic couple, the Scotts, and learn more about their organization.
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Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and Roslyn Williams interviews two Champions in the field of domestic violence recovery. Watch and be encouraged that there is help for those being abused in today's society.
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Gregory's Fresh Market

Taking care of Seniors is Diana Gregory's passion. Because of the God-given passion, she founded the Gregory's Fresh Market which delivers fresh fruit and produce to Seniors around Arizona.
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Unified Progress International

It's vital that we sow into our youth's lives today, as they face challenges that can pull them into a life of darkness, and violence. Our guest Frank Crump shares his vision of he is doing for the youth.
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Valley Praise Church

Pastor Peter and Pamela McDonald of Valley Praise Church in Phoenix, Arizona. They share their dream of how they would like to touch lives, and move with the Spirit of God in their area.
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Life After Cancer

Our Host, Roslyn Williams interviews two survivors of cancer, and discusses their journeys. The share their fears, their pain, and their expectations of life now. Be encouraged if you're dealing with a disease that God desires you trusting Him.
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Renelle Nelson, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and an infidelity recovering therapist, she shares some intimate details regarding the troubles spouses go through.
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Recognition of NAACP

One of the most widely recognized organizations today, the NAACP has more than 1/2 million supporters. Today's guest, Roy Tatem, President of the East Valley Chapter, discusses his role.