Michael C and Ronda Brantley
Hallways of Hope with Michael C Brantley

Hallways of Hope

Evangelists Michael C and Ronda Brantley

Michael Brantley - Pastor/ Evangelist/ Author. Receiving Jesus Christ into his life on April 17th, 1977 has led him up, down, and across so many different roads. During these years, the Holy Spirit has taught him the truth of a Christian walk. From being miraculously healed emotionally, and physically, and receiving a complete deliverance from drugs and alcohol, Michael brings the REAL truth to people who need it. He feels that all things can lead to a closer relationship with God, the Father, than you can ever imagine possible.

As you watch on a continuous basis, It's Real will bring you into the reality that Jesus and His return are inevitable. You'll be inspired, moved and touched by the spirit of God that comes from Michael's heart.