Creations From Heaven

Erika Garcia
Creations from Heaven with Erika Garcia

Creations from Heaven

Erika Garcia

Born in Celaya Guanajuato, MX, Erika came to the US at the age at 5. Erika was raised In Santa Ana, California by a single mother who taught her how to be a strong and independent woman. Life was not easy growing up with 4 siblings and a mother that was always working and never around. She had no idea what she wanted to be growing up, as she grew with negative surroundings. She never considered herself smart growing up, however very crafty with her hands and could make masterpieces from scraps.

One day God showed her that she had the gift of creativity and gave her the gift of showing her how strong she really was. From photography, hair, make-up, floral arrangements, furniture, interior design, holiday decorating and more, she became an entrepreneur. Now she is the owner of OC Credit & Business Builders, Socks and Patterns Online Clothing, Creations From Heaven and Kingdom Builders General Contractors. Out of her journey in life, what she values the most is her family; three beautiful children and her husband.

Host, Erika Garcia shares the "how-to's" of creating something out of nothing. How to work with a low budget or zero budget by using already existing house items. From floral arrangements, seasonal crafts, fabric crafts, refurbish old furniture and seasonal decorating. This series is a showcase for clever ideas and instructions that everyone can from.