Empowered to Achieve

Coy and Dee Barker
Empowered To Achieve With Coy and Dee Barker

Empowered to Achieve

Dr Coy and Dr Dee Barker

An internationally known orator and author, Coy is the founder of Elevation Point. Dr. Barker, a Hollis, Oklahoma native, recognized God’s call on his life to enter the ministry at the young age of 16. Dr. Dee has lead worship across the nation and recently released her third album, “Surrendered.” Coy and Dee live in Monroe, Georgia, where they enjoy spending time with their son and daughter-in-law, Dustin and Nicole, and grandson, Judah.

Empowered to Achieve reaches the goal of lifting people, first, into the Kingdom of God, and second, to lift those in the Kingdom of God to a higher level with God. With both Dr Coy and Dr Dee, they encourage through teaching the Word and God and with glorious singing.

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