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Roslyn Williams

Roslyn Williams is a woman after God's own heart. She has a passion for God, family, ministry and helping people. Roslyn has helped people for as long as she can remember. Roslyn recognizes that a lot of psychological issues that people are diagnosed with could be avoided if they had someone to talk to and walk them through the trauma or pain that they've experienced. Roslyn has a passion for encouraging, inspiring and enlightening people to live life abundantly and freeing themselves from mental and emotional bondage. She has a philanthropic heart and is passionate about helping people that are in need. This is the impetus to her birthing Life Matters Today Television Broadcast Inc (LMTinc). Roslyn is an inspirational speaker and author. She is super excited to interview and feature noteworthy stories of people all around the world and provide assistance for people that are necessitous. Roslyn has extensive experience working with individuals with mental illness, substance abuse issues and trauma. She takes great joy in providing a platform for people to discuss their issues and receive encouragement to help strengthen them.

Life Matters Today provides a platform for individuals to discuss issues in life so they can receive encouragement to live life abundantly. Our mission is to help individuals that are in need and to help provide resources. We provide a platform that creates AWARENESS, EDUCATION and PHILANTHROPY for people who have a heart to give to help people all around the world! We go from state to state and country to country interviewing people with uniques stories. Don't be surprised, if you see us at your local coffee shops, restaurants, cafes and maybe your favorite place that you like to visit. We appeal to LMT will discuss topics ranging from, Relationships, Health, Fitness, Finance, Community, Career, and Faith!