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The Estradas
Notes on Life

Notes on Life

Pastor Wayne and Dr Jeanne Estrada

Both Pastor Wayne and Dr. Jeanne Estrada are no strangers to speaking, teaching, and performing!

Wayne started his career as a trumpet soloist with the United States Navy Show Band and has played all over the world, but has spent the last 30 years in IT with a Master’s Degree from MIT in Software and went onto a long career as a technologist with IBM speaking and explaining the most complex technical topics in an easy-to-understand way, and continues that with excellent Bible teaching on Notes On Life.

Dr. Jeanne was not only a former Miss Memphis, but also an original Goldigger on the Dean Martin Show as well as a regular cast member on the Glenn Campbell and Andy Williams show and has been on TV and stage with many of the world’s most famous performers. She went onto having years of writing, counseling and ministry experience working with teens, young adults and professionals in speech, etiquette and music. Jeanne also holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling and Doctor of Theology Degree.

You’ll see uplifting and positive content that will both lead and encourage you as a believer in Christ to live a better Christian life, but also present topics that will touch those that do not yet know the promise of salvation in Christ that you can confidentially share with others.

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