POP Talk

Topical Interview Show
POP Talk Interview Show

POP Talk

A Topical Interview Show

POP Talk is a 26-minute, bi-weekly topical interview show featuring a variety of engaging topics like “The Fascination with Hollywood,” “New Year; New You,” “Do Miracles Still Happen?” “Are You a Diva?” and “From Mafia to Ministry.” In each show, the “expert” who is interviewed shares their insight, while the diverse Pearls team also provides interesting commentaries on the subject. The lead host, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, is a seminary-trained 25 year media veteran of both television and radio, creating instant credibility. The co-hosts are long-time teachers or media veterans as well. They include Dr. Lynnette Simm, Rosemary Legrand and Alma Jimenez Hall. The POP Talk team are just “ordinary” girls who God turned into Pearls!

These "Ordinary" Girls are: Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Executive Producer and Co-Host, Dr. Lynnette Simm, Co-Host, Rosemary Legrand, Co-Host and Alma Jimenez Hall, Co-Host.